CyberThreatDB (Coming Soon)

A reputation authority founded and maintained by active members of the information security community.

What We Do

Being a good steward of the information security community means giving back data through information exchanges. Our goal is aggregate threat data from our own sources and 3rd party sources and provide a comprehensive threat reputation database. This threat reputation database can be used to apply security rules on your infrastructure to block and identify attackers in a more meaningfull way.

Note: We're currently in the development phase of our platform but we welcome future beta-testers and those who wish to contribute.

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Honeypot Data

We actively run Honeypots that are distributed across multiple networks. We also ingest data from 3rd party feeds to further strenghten our lists.

IP Reputation Tracking

We collect and aggregate data on compromised and/or malicious IP addresses. These addresses can be acquired via our lists for applying rules, foresnics, or research purposes.


We collect statistics via our Honeypots such as trends, geo data, and comproimised usernames and passwords. This data is shared to periodical reports that show how the security landscape is evolving.